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13:00 in Santa Lucia time zone 15/12/2021. Cristiana and I are leaving Rodney Bay Marina. We leave JK, but above all we leave 4 wonderful guys with whom we shared unforgettable moments. I dedicate this last page of the Crossing Atlantic 2021 logbook to them. Simone Stolfo “Simo” secretary of Cilento sailing. On board he […]


17:55 UTC i.e. 13:55 Caribbean time. The crew sleeps after a busy night and I, alone at the helm, cross the 100-mile barrier on arrival. The day is splendid with the mild sea and the trade winds blowing at a constant 15 knots. With mainsail and jib JK moves slowly. ETA of arrival in Santa […]


08/12 at 16:30 UTC it’s my turn at the helm. Wave after wave we arrived at 239 miles from Santa Lucia. Since yesterday morning the sea has been crossed by brown algae which are putting our hydrogenerator to the test. We wonder about their origin. They come from land supports Lollo (Lorenzo Castaldo), who has […]


Noises, the nights in the ocean are very long and the time marked by shifts at the helm. I feel that JK is in pain and he communicates it to me through the noise. The metals, the woods, the ropes, the winches, the blocks, the trolleys, the slamming doors all generate a sinister noise. The […]


11/27/2021 12:10 pm I receive the following email from the race committee: “We are sad to report the death of crew member Max Delannoy on board the ARC yacht Agecanonix late last night, 26 November. MRCC France Gris-Nez are controlling the incident. “ Reading those few lines make me feel even smaller and a guest […]

4th DAY

25/11 07:00 UTC the dinette of JK sail is invaded by silence and by 220 square meters of pitch black canvas. From 00:00 the ocean started roaring. 20 – 25 knots of downwind make JK fly at 10 fixed knots with peaks at 13. The record was set by Simone Stolfo, the youngest of the […]


Sunday 21/11/2021 at 12:45 a date that will remain etched forever in the memory of the JK crew. We left with little wind and a boat, fully equipped to continue, once we arrived in the Caribbean, around the world. JK, who has never liked light winds, is consequently suffering even more than it should. After […]