Sunday 21/11/2021 at 12:45 a date that will remain etched forever in the memory of the JK crew.

We left with little wind and a boat, fully equipped to continue, once we arrived in the Caribbean, around the world.
JK, who has never liked light winds, is consequently suffering even more than it should.
After the start we kept close to the coast in the hope of finding some thermal … but little wind there too …
Of the nearly 150 boats that have started, only 18 are in the Race class (with the consequent prohibition of using the engine), the remaining ones, in the Cruising class, fit almost all.
parading dry sails to run by motor to hook up the trade winds.

The route: the big bet.

Weather conditions at 00:00 show two depressions north of the ideal course (254 degrees) as inviting as Ulysses’ sirens.
The call is strong… as is the risk of remaining imprisoned in a more than likely bubble of calm extending hundreds of miles after 11/28.
The route to the south, although less fascinating, appears to be the best choice: to face, as we are facing, a phase of very very light wind, and then hook up the trade winds from tomorrow night.
After the pruning winds we are confident that JK and his crew, now caged animals, can release all the accumulated energy making us run towards Santa Lucia.
Note of color this morning we spotted a cetacean of the Izzacits family.

The emotion was almost a reward for a night throwing blood with 2 knots of wind.