11/27/2021 12:10 pm I receive the following email from the race committee:
“We are sad to report the death of crew member Max Delannoy on board the ARC yacht Agecanonix late last night, 26 November.
MRCC France Gris-Nez are controlling the incident. “

Reading those few lines make me feel even smaller and a guest of the ocean.

The emotion is strong.

I am submerged in a tsunami of thoughts.

I think of my children, I think of the reasons why I am here.

My mind visualizes my Sister Lisa’s last message
“And don’t be ashamed of being afraid…. because it is fear that keeps us alive !!! “

I think of that man who left with the dream of crossing the ocean and who now finds himself
to decompose in a 43-foot cabin.

I imagine him happy on the quay while in the magical phases of pre-departure he loads the galley on board.

I imagine him on 11/21 at 12 noon (start of the regatta) taking pictures, collecting memories of a journey without end for him.

The journey is what led me to challenge the sea.

The time for thought is over now I have to share the terrible news with the rest of the crew.

In the cockpit Caf (Luca Cafasso) Simo (Simone Stolfo) and the Bomber (Lorenzo Castaldo).

The others sleep.

The atmosphere is that of: “Naples on deck: improvisation theater in the open”

I surrender to my inability to find suitable words and just read the email I received from the committee.

They ask me for confirmation: “I don’t remember who asked me:“ it really happened to
Agecanonix? Our class opponent? “.

But I remember very well Caf’s answer “u and that is our brother”.

This is Naples on deck, joy and heart.

The weather forecasts are very demanding
wind up to 30 knots and winds up to 6 meters.

It is now 5:47 UTC on 28/07 we have registered wind up to 33 knots and wave as forecast.

I order to switch from race mode to “to switch to nuttata” mode.

2 reefing hands and JK from a mad horse back tame.

“A from passes to nuttata” and I will pass it with Napoli on deck.

Taken from the logbook of the commander of Jk sail Luca Davoli