13:00 in Santa Lucia time zone 15/12/2021.

Cristiana and I are leaving Rodney Bay Marina.

We leave JK, but above all we leave 4 wonderful guys with whom we shared unforgettable moments.

I dedicate this last page of the Crossing Atlantic 2021 logbook to them.

Simone Stolfo “Simo” secretary of Cilento sailing.
On board he was helmsman and bowman. Always in safety and with determination he managed without a burr the Gennaker hoisted and lowered. Distinguishing features: puppy, the smallest on board. Gentle soul when we said goodbye and hugged each other we both had wet eyes.

Luca Cafasso “King” Cilento sailing.
Up to 10 months ago he didn’t know the difference between bow and stern. In a very short time he was able to grow (sailing speaking) up to an Atlantic crossing. On board he worked in a team with Simone as bowman and tailer assisting the helmsman on duty. Never a mistake, always concentration to the maximum. Distinguishing features: smile and good humor. Luca is that person you always want to find behind the coffee machine of your favorite bar every morning. But rest assured the Caf will do anything else and will have a great future in the middle of the sea.

Lorenzo Castaldo “Bomber”
Safe and experienced helmsman. He dominated JK and the ocean in the toughest moments. Statistically, it is the one that managed the greatest number of thunderstorms. I like to believe that Poseidon enjoyed himself by leaving him with more and more difficult challenges. Distinguishing features: beautiful. The typical skipper that every owner would want on board. Behind his Italic smile all the sun of the Gulf of Naples shines.

Michele DeGiovanni “Michelino” Cilento sports director at sail.
A giant aboard JK a safety for the whole team.
Helmsman, bowman, maintenance man, my personal adviser.
Virtually always operational. At every slightest noise, ready on deck to help his companions in every maneuver. Distinguishing features: Guardian Angel. Michele is the person every sailor would want on board to face a storm. And we in this crossing of storms we have faced for 7 days.

These 4 guys, my heroes, made this adventure unforgettable.

Together with these guys we set up “Naples on deck: improvisation theater under the open sky.” and with the blessing of Poseidon aboard JK we will face the other 2 oceans: Pacific and Indian.

The story continues… JK’s world tour has just begun.

Taken from the logbook of Luca Davoli, captain of JK sail.