17:55 UTC i.e. 13:55 Caribbean time.

The crew sleeps after a busy night and I, alone at the helm, cross the 100-mile barrier on arrival.

The day is splendid with the mild sea and the trade winds blowing at a constant 15 knots.

With mainsail and jib JK moves slowly.

ETA of arrival in Santa Lucia
02:00 am.

I live in the moment.

I smell the air, it warms my face, I try to perceive its taste while with my eyes I observe as many waves as possible.

I observe the surf and evaluate the noise.

Caf (Luca Cafasso) arrived in Santa Lucia, a reminder of this crossing will be tattooed.

I, in my own way, am tattooing myself this moment.

That’s all? Already arrived?

Everything is reversing.

Today I would like to put the brakes on the time that until yesterday I wanted to accelerate.

The miles flow inexorably.

A countdown.

The end of the journey will concur symbolically
with the cut of the finish line.

On one side a white buoy on the other the committee boat.

I have been deciding for days that I will not be at the helm.

I will leave the symbolic honor of the arrival to Simone Stolfo, the youngest of the group, a good boy.

Sailing needs young people like him.

My journey has just begun and Roodney Bay is just a new departure.

Taken from the logbook of Luca Davoli, captain of JK Sail