This morning I woke up following all my rituals: a veil of cream on my face and a double American coffee.
I turned on my favorite podcast and went through the agenda.

My name is Cristiana Marchi, I am 30 years old, I was born in Italy in Modena between the fog and tortellini. Aesthetics is the filter through which I observe and experience what surrounds me. I love vintage, elegance and my jewels have a thousand latitudes, especially those of Morocco.
My background as a creative director and as a designer comes from different fields of design. I graduated in InteriorDesign and specialized in Fashion Design, I worked in fashion as a creative but also as a commercial, gaining a defined and well-studied imprint. Until arriving in the communication agency where I was able to fully express my experiences.

I don’t know where this crazy idea came from, maybe on one of those mornings where you can’t see one meter from you because of too much fog. I decided that I would make my life an experience, and now I hold a one-way ticket in my hand to Gran Canaria, where JK is waiting for me, ready to set sail for the Atlantic Ocean.
On November 21st we will cross this stretch of boundless world in about 20 days, to land in Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, and from there begin our adventure made of wonderful places, great challenges and courage.

I will try to tell you about these crazy days and to take you with me through the images of the places I will visit in the next two years, from the Caribbean, to the Galapagos, from the Pacific Ocean, to Polynesia, Australia, Indonesia, Africa … I hope to convey emotions, to make you imagine the scents and to make you discover remote and surprising places.
I hope to be a good travel companion and I hope that you will stay with me to discover the world.