Writing about Naples is not easy. I noticed it by observing it, walking through its streets and its people, looking at the wonderful views of the splendid gulf and walking through the alleys of the real Naples, that of the Neapolitans.

The beauty of Naples goes beyond the great embrace of the colonnade of Piazza del Plebiscito, the imposing Galleria Umberto I or the views offered by the Castello dell’Ovo, which I like to call home. The beauty of Naples is a feeling: an emotion that pervades you along the sea and looking in the distant background, beyond a bit of haze, at the silhouette of Capri. Start the day walking on the seafront of Mergellina with the sea breeze on your face and the warm sun, a clip from Ciro and so on along the colorful streets that lead to the historic center. A margherita pizza from Sorbillo and down through the Spanish quarters, then moving in the evening to the panoramic area of Posilippo,
Letting yourself be enchanted by the colors of the sea at sunset. For dinner at Ciro a Mergellina where the catch of the day is king.Capri is beauty, anomaly and myth in a circular weave that has made it an emblem of absolute charm. Its natural beauty is undeniable and as old as the island itself. Capri is myth not so much as an evocative place of mysteries and objective beauty or as a fashion pursued by the collective imagination, but as the intersection, composition and even the decomposition of narratives of its complex reality.

Sleeping in front of the Faraglioni is my absolute favorite thing, especially in winter when jk is the only guest in the bay, silent spectator of all this wonder. Breakfast in the square and comfortable shoes that Capri turns on foot, from side to side from Villa to Panoramic views, the paths are marked and every corner is a marvel. atmosphere of the island and go up along the path that leads to the center of Capri, a stop at the Buonocore ice cream parlor and an aperitif in the Piazzetta. For dinner you can’t miss the resolving rich man overlooking the sea or at Paolino’s under a lemon roof.Procida and the thousand colored houses make the coast a painting with many shades that amaze, Procida is special, in its beauty and authenticity. The view of Marina Corricella enjoyed from the Belvedere dei Cannoni is considered one of the most romantic and spectacular in the world: it will be difficult to resist the temptation to see it at sunrise and sunset, with the sun peaking and even against the light. The intertwining of fishermen’s houses reminiscent of a casbah and the comings and goings of boats in the port at all hours will compose a painting in unique, Procidane colors. Get ready to familiarize yourself with the jargon of sailors but also to hike on paths and cliffs: waiting for you there will be poignant poetry and unscrupulous beauty, immense skies and unforgettable gastronomic experiences The Amalfi Coast is synonymous with spectacular landscapes: mountains that plunge straight into the sea and an astonishing succession of steep cliffs, forests and holiday resorts. A small paradise where bends of rock overlooking the sea alternate with enchanted alleys with the scent of lemon and broom. It is a splendid place, the Bay of Ieranto. But it is above all a place of myths and legends. Thus located in front of the stacks of Capri, it is the place where Ulysses met the Sirens, during the return to Ithaca that Homer recounts in the Odyssey. You can’t help but sit at a table on the beach and order the spaghetti with zucchini at the lo scoglio restaurant!